Programmer, Musician, Artist

Owner of Adeliae Creative


I've been coding since I was 8 years old. I focus on learning general language skills, which means that I can pick up new languages very quickly.
I'm comfortable in a variety of languages, but the one's I'm most comfortable with are Java, C#, Php, Javascript and Python.
I've chosen a simple theme for this website, based on Dan Hett's lovely minimal design. It should load very quickly.
Here are a few things I've worked on over the years. Though this is by no means a comprehensive list.

This site Adeliae Creative's website A variety of games created in 72 hours or less. The FragRadio app on Android and iOS


I enjoy making music, and have done so semi-professionally for a few years.
You can listen to some of what I've made Here


Art is a recent passion of mine, and I'm constantly looking to improve. Recently I created and implemented the design for sixhotchicks.com.


I love learning new things, and trying to push myself in new ways, so I've also tried my hand at many other things. Including, but not limited to:


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